A set of known servo configurations.


The operating parameters of a servo is described by the ServoConfig class. The NamedServoConfigs contains a number of these configurations for known servos.


When instantiating a new Servo or ContinuousRotationServo, the constructor takes a ServoConfig. However, instead of manually creating a new configuration, a known configuration can be used from the NamedServoConfigs class.

For example, the following code instantiates a new Servo class that can command a BlueBirdBMS120 servo:

IServo servo = new Servo(N.PWMChannels.PWM_PIN_D9, NamedServoConfigs.BlueBirdBMS120);

Named configs can also be used with a ContinuousRotationServo as well:

ContinuousRotationServo servo = new ContinuousRotationServo(N.PWMChannels.PWM_PIN_D9, NamedServoConfigs.IdealContinuousRotationServo);

Known Servo Configurations

Configuration Name Minimum Angle Maximum Angle Minimum Pulse Width Maximum Pulse Width
Ideal180Servo 180º 1,000µs 2,000µs
Ideal270Servo 270º 1,000µs 2,000µs
IdealContinuousRotationServo -1 -1 1,000µs 2,000µs
BlueBirdBMS120 120º 900µs 2,100µs
HiTecStandard 180º 900µs 2,100µs


This class, as with all of Netduino.Foundation, is open-source, so please feel free to send pull requests with more known configurations!