Netduino.Foundation sample applications and circuits.

Multi-Peripheral Application Samples

These samples showcase more complex applications that integrate multiple peripherals together.

Name Description
LED Dimmer Utilizes a rotary encoder with push button to control the brightness and on/off state of an LED.
HIH6130 Temp & Humidity Displays the temperature and humidity from an HIH6130 sensor on a serial LCD display.

Netduino Core Samples

Each core peripheral includes a sample illustrating its use.


Peripheral Description
Led Simple LED.
PwmLed Pulse-Width-Modulation powered LED.
RgbPwmLed Pulse-Width-Modulation powered RGB LED.


Peripheral Description
Relay Electrically isolated switch.



Peripheral Description
PushButton Simple push-button.

Rotary Encoders

Peripheral Description
RotaryEncoder A simple rotary encoder.
RotaryEncoderWithButton A rotary encoder that includes a push button.


Peripheral Description
SpstSwitch A simple single-pole, single-throw (SPST), switch.
SpdtSwitch A two position single-pole, dual-throw (SPDT), switch.
DipSwitch A multi-pole dip switch.


Peripheral Description
AnalogTemperature Analog temperature sensor (TMP35 / TMP36 / TMP37 / LM35)

External Peripheral Samples

All external peripherals also include sample code.

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Peripheral Description
74595 Shift Register 74595 shift register for digital output expansion.
AT24Cxx EEPROMS AT24Cxx Family of EEPROMs including AT24C32.
DS323x RTCs Real Time Clock modules.

Display and Graphics Drivers

Peripheral Description
GraphicsLibrary General purpose graphics library.
MicroLiquidCrystal library I2C/SPI LCD Library.
Serial LCD SparkFun serial LCD backpack driver.
SSD1306 SSD1306 OLED Display. Currently supports 128x64 and 128x32 pixel I2C displays.


Atmospheric (Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Altitude) Sensors

Peripheral Description
BME280 Combined I2C/SPI temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor.
HIH6130 Combined I2C temperature and humidity sensor.
MPL115A2 Combined I2C temperature and pressure sensor.
MPL3115A2 Combined I2C pressure and temperature sensor.
SHT31D Combined I2C temperature and humidity sensor.
SiI7021 Combined I2C temperature and humidity sensor.
TMP102 I2C temperature sensor.

Distance Sensors

Peripheral Description
HCSR04 HCSR04 distance sensor.
HYSRF05 HYSRF05 distance sensor.

GPS Sensors & Libraries

Peripheral Description
NMEA GPS Decoder Generic GPS sentence decoder library.

Light Sensors

Peripheral Description
ALS-PT19 Analog light sensor.
SI1145 I2C infrared, ultraviolet, and ambient light sensor.
TSL2561 I2C infrared-compensated light sensor.

Motion and Orientation Sensors

Peripheral Description
ADXL335 Analog triple axis, +/-3g accelerometer.
ADXL345 I2C triple axis accelerometer, +/-16g accelerometer.
ADXL362 Accelerometer In Development
BNO055 I2C 9-Axis absolute orientation sensor.
MAG3110 I2C three axis magnetometer.
Parallax PIR Parallax PIR Rev B digital motion detector.


Peripheral Description
ServoCore Generic servo library.