API Reference

Reference documentation for Netduino.Foundation core library and peripherals.


Netduino.Foundation includes a core library that contains base classes, interfaces, and drivers for common, generic peripherals such as LED, buttons, etc.

For a complete list of all peripherals, see the Library page.

A mostly complete reference of the API can be found on the left nav, but below is a list of some of the most important classes in the core library.

Important Base Classes

These classes provide common base functionality for communication protocols and other high value interfaces.

Class Description
I2CBus I2C abstraction layer implementing the ICommunicationsBus interface.
SoftwareSpiBus Software implementation of the SPI communication protocol.
DisplayBase Base class for displays using the GraphicsLibrary.

Common Interfaces

Interface Description
ICommunicationBus Interface for communicating with attached peripherals.
IDCMotor Interface for DC motors.
IHumiditySensor Interface describing humidity sensors.
ILightSensor Interface describing light sensors.
ITextDisplay Interface describing text-only displays.
IPressureSensor Interface describing pressure (barometric) sensors.
ITemperatureSensor Interface describing temperature sensors

Core Peripherals

See full peripheral list on the Library page.


Peripheral Description
Led Simple LED.
PwmLed Pulse-Width-Modulation powered LED.
RgbPwmLed Pulse-Width-Modulation powered RGB LED.


Peripheral Description
HBridgeMotor Generic H-Bridge motor controller IC driver.


Peripheral Description
Relay Electrically isolated switch.



Peripheral Description
PushButton Simple push-button.


Peripheral Description
SpstSwitch A simple single-pole, single-throw (SPST), switch.
SpdtSwitch A two position single-pole, dual-throw (SPDT), switch.
DipSwitch A multi-pole dip switch.

Rotary Encoders

Peripheral Description
RotaryEncoder A simple rotary encoder.
RotaryEncoderWithButton A rotary encoder that includes a push button.


Peripheral Description
AnalogTemperature Analog temperature sensor (TMP35 / TMP36 / TMP37 / LM35)